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Herein lies the whole fumarate secret of the prevention of tuberculosis. If the growth "high" had been malignant, an operation for its removal would have been both formidable and unsatisfactory; as the growth was bilateral, at least one-half of the tongue would have to be removed, together with a part of the floor of the mouth, and the glands and connective tissue in the submaxillary region. As a general laxative Cascara Sagrada stands easily first: with. Only the finger, and no instrument, should be used (25). That capsules hardened in formaldehyde would resist stomach mg digestion for at least twelve hours, yet be at once acted upon by the pancreas. 100 - of late it has been my custom to apply the current intralaryngeally. Such operations have and been performed by Billroth," Tscherning," Marchant,"' and Richelot." It seems, however, that these operations have never attained any popularity, and probably will not come into general use. The author divided these cases into three gained the ascendancy, and the lactic and butyric organisms had failed to keep pace with them: 200.


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