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Its illustrations are indeed very fine and consist of seventy-three in number (florida). Just as soon as all appearance of effusion has ceased the tube may be removed and the opening closed with a hare-lip suture (amaryl). And were he to die in spite of all this united wisdom, and were the scalpels and microscopes of all the Louis, the Kiernans and the Ehrenbergs in the world to unite in the investigation of his organs, outside the autopsy would be imperfect. The possible origin of the disease in this patient in a lesion of the brain, as in the hypophysis, and the very remarkable "buy" diminution in the amount of urine following lumbar puncture, which urine was of high specific gravity, THE ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE -ipidus, arc m; - for making this briet report. Tn order to advance in the study of any subject it is important not merely to be acquainted with the conclusions arrived at by previous writers, but also "indoors" to be familiar with the lines on which they travelled.

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In ten or twelve hours it ought to produce the desired effect; it may then be taken off, the vesicle clipped with a dc pair of sharp scissors to let out the fluid, which should not be suffered to run down the body, as it will produce painful excoriations; keep the blister dressed with spermaceti or elder-flower ointment, until healed. Through this wound he passes a small sharp spoon and scrapes the interior of the gland: in.