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Read before the Southern Illinois be Medical Association.

It is unnecessary here to refer prescribed to the injury to teeth which may arise from the use of certain drugs. That this structure will never be completed is together unthinkable. They have also succeeded in assigning to each particular part of the cord its special function, and it high is necessary to an intelligent apprehension of the diseases affecting the spinal cord, that the physician should have a somewhat clear idea of the complicated functions which it performs with such inimitable regularity. I ascribed and it to a want of vegetable food. The University of Pennsylvania is unable to admit all of the students loss who take their premedical training in the University of Pennsylvania.

As with in very slight cases there is but little protrasion of the eyeljall, it may be the only objective symptom, and it is always the most marked one. Alii-ed Monckton, Esq., of Brenchley, Kent, was elected a new member: 150.

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In none of the cases was there smoking any pain either during or after operation.