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Clover, alfalfa, and a generous grain diet may serve effects as an example for herbivora, and a fair allowance of meat and bones for dogs. It is vastly more important to keep male animals well than it is to cure them after they are injui-ed.

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From - the experiments upon animals as well as upon mankind prove that cowpox grants immunity from smallpox and smallpox from cowpox; and it is, therefore, reasonable to conclude that they are closely related, if not identical, in origin. Thefe three in a due ordering of a true manual muft be; joyned again, that mg they maybe brought to the I higheft and moft perfeCl purity. The wound of the scapula quickly healed, but the margins of the wound on the calf produced vesicles on account of the irritation of the cheap iodoform and a dry corrosive gauze applied, and after a few days the vesicles dried.