Therefore we are enabled to-day to the frequently preserve a flexible joint and to restore to a healthy condition, while in the early days of surgical experience, deformity was the rule, or at least the more favorable result. They are located from one inch to an inch and a half posterior to the internal oral opening of the urethra, and lie about half an inch to either side of the median line.


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Will the family physician measure up to the full requirements of the situation and meet the issue bravely, guided in his action by the courage of conviction, founded on a full knowledge of the teachings of science and the hitherto limitations of his art, or will he, like the cowardly poltroon that he would be under such circumstances, dodge the question and tell his patient to wait till the tumor develops? If he should prove to be the latter kind of a doctor (God save the mark), may the shadow of such a patient when she dies, as die she will, haunt his footsteps throughout the rest of his life and be present to point with skeleton finger and warn him never again to fall short of his duty to those who trust themselves to his to preserve his health and life: of.

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