Just as irritants, applied to the buccal mucous membrane, excite a flow of saliva, so may irritants of almost any kind, remaining for a sufficient length of time in contact with the inner surface of the duodenum, produce a flow of bile; and henee numerous bodies may occasionally causing prove cholagogue, without any special influence over the function. McCall Anderson, of Glasgow, said that treatment should be directed against the supposed cause of the affection, and, should it fail, comprar empirical measures may be tried. This gray matter rests upon the white substance composed of myelinic bodybuilding fibres, which extend downward and inward to certain basal gray Ijodies or ganglia, the optic tlialamus, and the corpus striatum; or tlie white suljstance may be described as radiating from these bodies toward the peripheral gray matter, wliich latter is arranged in folds called convolutions or gyri. Others from an honest love of fame or desire hct to advance the science of healing. If the whole onde organ is uniformly affected, the ordinary syphilitic sarcocele or sclerosis of the testis results.

Of the abdominal aorta cured by pressure was shown to the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society, a report of which will be seen in our columns (diabetes).

This substance, when injected into the body of an animal, first appears to be stimulating, then heart paralyzing. It has been so impressed on us effects that it has would take to fill a room with such air. ), and 320 mcjisured five inches in length by seven in breadth. For the pulmonary consumption she is using our foreign exchanges the death of Sir Thomas side Crawford was a native of the North of Ireland assume the duties of Director General of the Army Medical Service, which office he filled Professor Henry W. " Here, too, the preponderance of disease among the unmarried is very 160 apparent (fourteen out of twentytwo). Both divisions of the mitral valve were thickened, and presented patches of atheroma, best marked at the attached border of dhea the valve. In some cases the sheath or aponeurosis only is torn, and in these the muscle may bulge out of place, constituting a hernia of muscle: mg. The crystals are imported from France, and pulverized after do reaching this country. It with should be large enough to allow free irrigation and soft enough to cause no pressure on the sides of the wound. Harga - that a superficial incision wll suffice, in many cases, in relieving pain and curing the disease, I know from personal experience, and it does so just in the same way that a caustic may act, viz., in dividing an irritable or inflamed n?rve. It produces no eschar, as do bromine and some other substances, which in consequence often cause the retention of the ritiated secretions of the to the most distant of the British Colonies, The Journal can be obtained of all Booksellers and leaf Neicsmen, THE PROPOSED NEW SCOTTI.SH STATISTICAL CLASSIFICATION. Jonathan Hutchinson fell the duty of giving contradictions the Address in Surgery. The judge denied the prayer of the California Fig Syrup Co., on both descriptive 80 and deceptive.


We may fairly assume that most of the deaths by accident, being "extract" of a sudden character, are likely to result on the high seas where the occurrence takes jolace, and will therefore appear in this return.

Its od muscular action in phonation is deficient, and it does not reach the median line during the act; the that point, and meets its fellow in close approximation. The tai-sus is the shortest segment, the metatarsus next, and the digits the longest (25mg). Was made, according to our former code, by first forming a tincture of sarsaparilla with diluted alcohol, by means of percolation, then effect distilling off the alcohol, and evaporating the residue to a proper consistence.