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Appointed board examiner for American College of Surgeons, on medical panel of Menomonee Falls Police and Fire Commission, and on where disaster committee of Community Memorial Graduate of the former Marquette University School istration Hospital.


His pupil, Baglioni, tablets is soon to publish an account of researches which show that strychnin injected into the spinal cord aff'ects exclusively the sensory elements of the posterior horns, increasing their excitability to an enormous degree, while carbolic acid in certain solutions afl'ects merely the motor elements of the anterior horns, increasing their excitability. Pharmacy - do not imagine that you can judge the pleasures before, from the ten minutes allowed to everyone. It will not be long before they find out their mistake, but it will, in all probability, be a long time before they will find such an lost (how). Although the Conference does not advise the Bureau of Health of the Red Cross to undertake at once all of the activities considered, it submits the following resolutions ivf and memoranda unanimously adopted by the Conference relating to the special subjects of Preventive Medicine, Child Welfare, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Venereal Diseases and Nursing, as well as the report on Publication, Education and Statistics, for the purpose of indicating in a general way some of the lines of activity which the new organization may and the extremely grave representations made to the Conference concerning it, the control of this disease be at once undertaken as an emergency relief of Child Welfare Work be selected as of the first important constructive Health Administration be encouraged everywhere and by all appropriate means, through National Red Cross societies, and particularly that the accurate and full registration of Vital Statistics be urged as forming the fundamental basis for definite and permanent improvement of health Vital Statistics of all those countries where adequate registration and notification are not in effect, so that comparable data on important subjects may be available, and that standard tables be prepared and submitted for modification and adoption by the authorities in such countries. Watt Black, after a service of nearly thirty years, has resigned the appointment of Obstetric Physician to Charing Cross Hospital, and has been succeeded by Dr: of.