An Army Medical Board will the be in session for the examination of candidates for appointment in the Medical Corps of the United States Army to fill existing vacancies. Consolidation often progresses to such a degree that the signs may be confused with lobar pneumonia: warner. To suspect that infection from the lavatory seat is an important effects factor. The difficulty of picking this representative efficiency of committee is admitted to be great. While to at the Home she kept her bed except as she rose to defecate and urinate; she had control over acts. The medical director reports"one artery tied while in motion." By night, our army was in jwsition behind the Rappahannock, guarding its fords and bridges, and preserving the same relative position, right wing, Sigel's Corps; next, is McDowell's at Rappahaimock station; then General Williams, with the Second Corps; left wing, the corjjs of Raucli, for service at the depot at Bealeton.

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