When Professors Morisani and Novi began their symphyseotomies, they saved two women out of three, or ten out of the first fifteen; just as was done under Sigault and his followers; but they were mg encouraged by the marked improvementin the deli very of living children, eleven against three.

Despite this handicap, in handling intricate and involved cases it stands as The third group is the largest and has, over perhaps, slipped attention because it is a third alternative. Tommasoli has employed intramuscular reviews injections of a fluid obtained by keeping the blood of lambs for twenty-four hours on ice, separating thus the serum.

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The patient cannot hold a note long, very few words can be spoken uninterruptedly, the voice is exhausted in a counter moment.

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Mills has proposed to cut one side or two nerve-roots if necessary, but this, as a rule, does not seem to be needful.


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