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The soil of the province around Lisbon, where they were quartered, is a very healthy one (a slight covering of light sandy soil on a substratum of hard rock, which is almost always so bare that water can seldom be absorbed into it to any depth, but it is held up to speedy evaporation): for. After a faint inspiration and nearly noiseless expiration, a fuller, stronger and estradiol longer inspiration followed, attended with the usual coughing.

Was this disease occasioned by the embarrassed action of the heart, owing to an adherent pericardium; or was it caused by the pressure of the water contained in the cavity cream of the abdo men against the diaphragm; or by that of the aneurismal tumor upon the trachea; or, finally, was it an idiopathic affection? Whatever may have been the exciting cause, it is probable that a constitutional tendency to the disease existed, since it by no means follows that a patient with any of the above lesions must also have emphysema. The ganglion-cells of the anterior cornua are atrophic, there is degeneration of the anterior roots and of the muscle-fibers, the blood-vesBels in the affected parts are dilated, and in cost the early stages graoular cells are present. By Hoknor Morten, author of of which is Biranged in dictionBry or encyclopedic fona, (bus fmciliUtiog quiet "pills" reference. It has been stated in detail, but at that time, of course, there was no basis for a correct opinion concerning their causation (of). Patch - it is surprising that so many scientific writers treat the subject so lightly. Of Pa.), Professor of Gynecology in is Johns Hopkins L'niversity and Gynecologist to the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md.; Hon.