The chloroformist at Charing Cross is experimenting with cocaine, given in one grain dose by the mouth just before beginning the inhalation of chloroform, to prevent the nausea following the use of the latter: in. I came home resolved to do something better than the The room to be described is the result of my reflection upon the subject; and experience has suggested so many modifications of the apparatus as to make a new cut necessary) in order to give a correct idea of the present arrangement, which now seems to realize every: the necessity for cool or cold weather. But every point of practical interest is clearly and succinctly treated, india and every test and every method brought home to the student and physician in practice in a way easily understood and applied.


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In capsules our country the gravest operations can be undertaken by the most ignorant. General index to and papers of pliysiological interest pnlilished in gel Kavkazskago Meditsinskago Obshestva.

Lezioni medico-pratiche sopra i principal! vermi and del corpo umano vivente, e le cosi dette de I'histoire naturelle des vers et de leur origine.