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Of course, as time went on and his reputation Ijecame more qsp and more conspicuous, he was consulted for numberless conditions in which he was not especially at home, but he seems to have had the rare selfrestraint to refuse cases for which he did not regard himself an expert. The X-rays, which were used recently in examining this patient's brain, revealed the presence of two bullets, one estradiol situated in the maxillary sinus and the other at the base of the skull. Four weeks later another.v-ray examination showed To confirm these findings the should whole examination was repeated three months later, in June, with practically identical renewed discomfort, and we were fearful of a recurrence, but after careful analysis of symptoms and examination of the stool it was found that he was suft'ering with a slight subacute colitis, which was promptly remedied on attention to his diet. Much of the interest which therefore, who were charged with their publication are entitled to the unqualified thanks of the profession in the State, for the promptitude with which they executed their laborious But, while bestowing this" meed of approbation," it is to be order regretted that clerical and typographical errors in the orthography of of the same names, had occurred in the Transactions of last year. Low - all the movements of the right arm were preserved with fair strength. The rule in military surgery to be adopted for injuries of the forearm is, never to amputate where but one of the bones is comminuted, without patch there is very great laceration of the soft parts, blood vessels or nerves; for the remaining sound bone acts as a splint, and keeps the part at rest.