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All cases of partial obstruction, intestinal stasis, and chronic constipation, show between long periods of constipation, a loose watery diarrhea lasting for a few days, due to the tunneling of the fecal mass by the brand intestinal contents. Tiie morning urine is free from albumin, but after the child has been on its feet for a time, albumin appears often This peculiar type "for" of juvenile neuropathy, called by Mackenzie x disease, and corresponding to Stiller's asthenia congcnitalis, is a very common clinical picture, and any cardiac signs or symptoms found in such a case are much more likely to be due to functional than to organic disease.

It is generally placed on a stump or dry spot, near a splashy or swampy place: the eggs, like those of the lapwing, are placed invariably with their ends inwards, being vs much pointed; they are generally four in number, of an olivaceous colour, blotched and spotted with rufous-brown, some having dusky patches at their larger end.