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Where the patient is of a flighty or erratic nature, or so anxious as to the outcome as to be unduly nervous and manic excited, he may lack considerably that concentration requisite to accurate hearing. REPRESENTATIVE ON MANAGING COMMITTEE OF BRITISH HOSPITAL FOR MOTHERS AND ocd BABIES. Ademas, influyen para producir este buen resultado el mayor cuidado que la gente pone en el aseo corporal, en la difusion de los conocimientos higienicos que previenen las enfermedades y tambien en la mezcla de la poblacion con individuos llegados de diferentes regiones: zydis. Applied breakdown to a Class ySynantheria, by L. The existence and modus operandi of these dispensaries ought especially to be made known to soldiers with nervous venereal disease who are about to be discharged. In order to find out what each state was doing towards the conservation of the health of its school children, I wrote to each State Board of "safe" Health secretary for their latest reports and for bulletins of this subject, so that I might abstract them.

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